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Day 1:        Welcome to Costa Rica!  A company representative will meet you at the airport.   There you will be transported by a tourist bus to the La Fortuna area of Arenál Volcano.  Arenál Volcano is one of the most active and beautiful volcanoes in the world.  There you will check in at one of the best hotels in the area with a great volcano view.  Breakfast is included.

Day 2:        In the morning you will go horseback riding.  Transportation, professiional bilingual guides, horses and security equipment are included.  Wear sport shoes, long pants, and don't forget to bring your camera and bathing suit.

                    In the afternoon we will pick you up from your hotel at 3 PM and head toward the west side of the volcano.  There you will hike through the rain forest, one hour long at a very moderate rate.  On the hike we will expect to see some gorgeous birds, monkeys, and lots of wildlife.  After exiting the rain forest, we will get to the viewing point at sundown where you will enjoy a cold beverage while you have a chance to see the red glowing lava rolling down the mountain.  Our local naturalist guide will share with you all the facts and history of the most active volcano in Costa Rica.  Finally, you will get the opportunity to relax and soak in the hot spring waters of your preference:  Tabacón or Baldi.

Day 3:        Manuel Antonio:  You will be transported by a tourist bus to Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast.  It is home to many of the nicest resorts in  Costa Rica and also to a multitude of restaurants.  It has some of the most beautiful views, and there you will check in at one of the area's best and most scenic hotels.

Day 4:        Enjoy Manuel Antonio Beach on your own.  It has three beautiful white san beaches and is the most visited National Park in Costa Rica.  Tress such as Black Locust (an endangered timber-yielding tree), Balsa, Monkey Comb, Bastard Cedar, Wild Plantain, Manhandle (a tree that oozes a  milky substance and bears poisonous fruit) and Mayflower are common.  There are more than one hundred mammal species and one humdren and eighty species of birds here, including the rare white ibis.  Squirrel monkeys (another endangered species) play on the trees above the trails of the park.  Here, too, you will find two-toed sloths, raccoons, white-nosed coatis, howler and white-faced monkeys, and squirrels.

Day 5:        You will be transported by tourist bus to Sierpe.  Your day starts will a 7:30 AM departure from Manuel Antonio  area followed by a bus tour through the banana and palm-oil plantations to the river town of sierpe.  A boat trip down the Sierpe River takes you through jungle and mangrove swamps to the Pacific Ocean.  You travel across Drake Bay to our landing beach where you need to prepare for wet feet.  After you get settled into your hotel or bungalow and have lunch, the day is yours to enjoy hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling, or  just relaxing on the beach.

Day 6:        Corcovado National Park.  This full-day tour, accompanied by a naturalist guide, begins right after breakfast.  A short 35-minute boat trip from the lodge takes you to San Pedrillo Station, the most northern ranger station of the Corcovado National Park.  After disembarking, there is a walk of about an hour along the beach to a forest trail up the Rio Pargo.  once more the rain forest history unfolds before you.  The trees in this area are magnificent in height and support an outstanding variety of epiphytic plants such as orchids, bromeliads, ferns and even shrubs and small trees.  Monkeys, agoutis, sloths and other creatures will entertain you.  By noon, the tour returns to the beach to enjoy the shade of a mango tree while watching the surf.

After lunch, a short walk to the San Pedrillo river (time to get our feet wet) takes you to a pristine rain forest waterfall.  As always keep your eyes open for beautiful birds and secretive wildlife.  Kingfishers and Jesus Christ Lizards are residents of this river.  In the late afternoon, we board the boat to return to the lodge.

Day 7:        You will take a full-day trip to Isla del Caño National Park.  You should bring your beach towel and snorkeling gear along.  You can ask for yours at the hotel.  After an hour of boating, we will arrive at Caño Island in the early morning.  Immediately upon arrival, the guide will lead a hike up to the site of the Indian graves that can be found all over the central plateau where arechaeologists unearthed mysterious stone spheres and finely worked artifacts.  They are a testimony to a vanished culture.  Along the way, notable differences between the island and mainland forest will be pointed out.

Following lunch time, you are at your leisure to swim and soak up the sun.  You will be free to visit other spots of the island or snorkel among the corals and brightly colored reef fish.


For tour rates and other information, contact
Carol Calkins, Los Gringos Locos, S.A.

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After an hour of boat trip, we arrive at Ca